About Kate & Paul

Kate & Paul are a passionate and diversely dynamic songwriting team whose sound, driven by melody and emotion, spans progressive blues-rock, folk-rock, country, and world-beat genres, manifested in intriguing vocal harmonies, accompanied by cutting rhythm and solo guitar. In either duo or band, Kate and Paul aside from festivals,have performed on many a club, concert, and coffee house stage.
Kate and Paul are also available for private parties, weddings, and other special events.

"Warm personalities, tight harmonies and sterling guitar, show off well-crafted melodies and lyrics… "
Ralph Litwin, "Horses Sing None of It" Cablevision TV Variety Show

"The rhythms are diverse, the harmonies thrilling -
all in all an auspicious first album."
...Bill Nutt, Community Forum, Hackettstown, NJ & WNTI 91.9 FM "The Nutthouse"


" ...individually great musicians,vocalists,composers, and people -  when their enviable talents combine,
Kate and Paul produce beautiful music that is refreshingly unique and meaningful ! "  ........

Walt Bibinger, jazz guitarist, multiinstrumentalist, musical producer


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